The University of Texas System improves time to resolution

University of Texas System logoThe Challenge:

Universities often have complex environments, widespread resources, and limited budgets. The University of Texas System was looking for a replacement to their on-premises IT Service Management solution. Their legacy system was costly to maintain and did not support the application support process required for both the current and retired employee population. The AWS cloud based HRMS system provides the payroll and benefits information to over 100,000 current and retired employees. Incident reporting and case management services needed to be registered and resolved in a timely manner.  The existing method support method was by phone only.

How easysm helped:

The cloud-based (AWS) ITSM solution covers the University of Texas System and its current and retired employee population.

The successful effort replaced an end-of-life, on-premises, legacy solution with a modern, cloud-based, AWS IT service management system. Some of the other noted benefits include:

  • Omni Channel: IT Technical staff was able to provide their customers with additional ways to request assistance by email, text messaging, and via portal to log their issues or requests.
  • Customer satisfaction improvement: Survey scores increased by 25% in the first 3 months of operation. Primarily by offering self-services by way of the customer portal which prior to the implementation did not exist.
  • Time to resolve improvement: the single most important metric – “time to resolution” was improved by 14% due to the knowledge management article and process improvements made to the core system.

Technical overview of deployed solution:

To achieve the best outcome for our customers, easysm is hosted in AWS and leverages various elements of cloud technology to provide the best user experience. The system leverages a suite of Open and purpose-built private APIs to create an automated environment for Service Management onboarding and ongoing use. easysm has been built with simplicity and time to value in mind. easysm is hosted onshore using AWS and is supported by our managed services team. The platform is scalable to suit individual customer requirements while still adhering to the requirements outlined within the AWS well-architected solution guidelines, the solution includes all the features and modules available within a dedicated ITSM SaaS platform.


  • Provided the ability for self-service via the Portal which cut down on the overall number of calls to the service desk
  • 25% improvement for – overall customer satisfaction.
  • 14% Improvement for – Time to resolution.

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