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A true service delivery machine for more innovative and resilient production.

The art of manufacturing demands a detail-oriented solution that can accommodate its complex nature — and simplify it — as well as the agility and flexibility it needs to meet market demands quickly without increasing the bottom line. easysm can help maximize the value of your operations not only in IT, but across your entire operation.

Simplify Your Tech Investments with Cherwell easysm

Whether constructing airplanes and furniture or making breads and soaps, manufacturers face numerous challenges every minute of every day that could impact a final product. “easysm” provides a detail-oriented solution that can accommodate its complex nature — and simplify it.

Modernize your approach to service management with a no-code, scalable platform that can accommodate your current and future needs, no matter your growth. Create and automate your ideal workflows in just days instead of weeks with a platform that has built-in PINK-verified ITIL best practices and processes that can help you operationalize Incident Management, Asset Management, and more. Outsmart any service disruptions, outages, and upgrades, and lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with our easy-to-use platform.

Free up staff to focus on doing what they do best with slick self-service. Out-of-the-box self-service portals and ESM solutions, including ITSM, HRSM, PPM, Facilities, and Security, allow you to deliver a globalized service management experience quickly. Boost technology adoption while making the onboarding and offboarding process a breeze with a smooth and catered self-service experience. Easily extend support to other groups like Logistics, Facilities, Sales, Marketing, Security, Finance, HR, and more for innovation beyond the shop floor.

Connect and truly streamline your operations with a centralized source of truth. The flexibility to integrate rapidly with key systems like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs)  and Customer Service (CS) alongside over 175 mergeable applications help you keep data up-to-date and systems talking to each other round-the-clock — for true IoT enablement. Say goodbye to disparate data or siloed teams and say hello to a truly unified company talking the same language and working towards one goal, from the front office to the shop floor.

Empower smarter decision-making with increased visibility and transparency. Sophisticated reporting dashboards provide real-time and actionable insights regarding more than just service delivery and asset inventory, but software upgrades, compliance requirements, governance policy controls, predictive maintenance, partner, vendor, and customer statuses, and more. Leverage these new and useful KPIs for expanded and consistent data that allow you to mitigate risk for safer work environments, keep on-schedule, minimize downtime, and improve operational resilience.

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easysm Advantages

The easysm MSP solution is a purpose-built extension to Cherwell’s IT service management platform. This solution enables MSPs to rapidly add and support many companies and their subsidiaries with little overhead.

  • Improve your operational efficiency
  • Accelerate your time to market and innovation
  • Reduce costs and increase margins
  • Grow with differentiated service offerings
  • Avoid risks like missed SLAs and regulatory non-compliance 

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