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The easysm Managed Service Provider (MSP) solution is purpose-built and simple to configure out of the box, allowing MSPs to rapidly add and support many companies and their subsidiaries. Find out how to rapidly offer new services and innovations to your customers using a flexible and cost-effective managed ITSM solution.



The easysm MSP solution extends the Cherwell Service Platform processes to support many customers on the same solution, so implementation timeframes are accelerated, and complexity is decreased. With this no-code solution, you can provide service compliance tracking and security from a single source. You can rapidly add more companies; even quickly configure individual portals to provide customized, branded views. The solution also enables groups from multiple companies to be included as self-service customers, organized within their companies, and receive services based on MSP service contracts. 

Single Source MSP Administration The Cherwell

MSP solution provides single source administration across all customers for security configurations, data repositories, content, and dashboard views, thereby simplifying ITSM to avoid human error.

  • Security configuration is simpler, and mistakes are less likely to occur when the same Security Group configuration is used for all customers.
  • Single database: Using a single repository lowers overhead for maintenance and backups.
  • Single content management set: It’s easier to maintain, enhance, and test content when Business Objects are shared across all companies.
  • Single view dashboards: Administration is efficient with a single view of records for all of your companies.

We’ve developed powerful yet intuitive dashboards and tools based on extensive research into how MSP operations really work. For example, the “Company Business Object” form lets you easily access, configure and manage records for customers, including items like support team details, MSP services, assigned SLAs, and more–making administration exponentially easier.

You can also assign staff to the appropriate security group and role—Administrator, Company Service Desk Manager, Company Service Desk 1—to control permission levels and administration flow.

The easysm Managed Service Provider (MSP) solution, with Cherwell Service Platform as its foundation, helps you drive operations so you can:

  • Automate complex yet repetitive tasks
  • Enable customers to help themselves with self-service capabilities
  • Align IT with business units to integrate business processes and remove silos
  • Maintain uptime with a highly available and predictable infrastructure
  • Improve change management response with rapid and effective approaches
Illustration of It Service Management

easysm Advantages

The easysm MSP solution is a purpose-built extension to Cherwell’s IT service management platform. This solution enables MSPs to rapidly add and support many companies and their subsidiaries with little overhead.

  • Improve your operational efficiency
  • Accelerate your time to market and innovation
  • Reduce costs and increase margins
  • Grow with differentiated service offerings
  • Avoid risks like missed SLAs and regulatory non-compliance 

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